Is the Foundations course suitable for me? 

Because of its modular part-time nature, the course is suitable for people from a variety of backgrounds, including: 
Beginners, who want to learn to act and speak with a full range of creative tools. 
Professionals, wanting to deepen and expand their creative resources. 
Teachers of acting and speech, who want to enrich their approach to training. 
Directors, who want to broaden their directing tools and to learn new rehearsal techniques. 
Individuals, who want to understand themselves and other people in greater depth. 

Will I perform during Foundations? 

If you participate in the first four modules and the individual tuition between the modules, the fifth and final module culminates in a performance in the theatre at Peredur Centre for the Arts, in which you will be participating. This is a public performance, which anyone, including your friends and family, is welcome to attend. 

What if I cannot take part in the whole of Foundations? 

Aside from the final module, which is only for participants who have completed the previous four, it is possible to take part in individual modules. Completing one module is not a prerequisite for joining another. 

Is local accommodation available? 

There is simple accommodation available at Peredur Centre for the Arts. The Centre is thirty miles from London and easily accessed by train from London Victoria to East Grinstead station, or by plane to London-Gatwick airport. 
Please call 01342 312527 for more details about accommodation and booking.  

How do I pay for Foundations? 

Once you have completed the application form, you will receive details of how to pay. If you pay the fees for the whole year in advance there is a £200 reduction. It is also possible to pay in 10 monthly installments of £285.  
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