Workshop 21 – 25 OCTOBER 2019 (FIVE DAYS) Inner colouring: Sensing the lyrical in poetry 

Verse and poetry will take centre stage in this week: we will be breathing and moving in a subtler, more dream-like environment than we have encountered up till now, where the delicate ebb and flow of feelings and emotions as expressed in words become the subject of our exploration. How do we share moments of tenderness and aggression, of joy and despair? What tools can help with this? 
In the mornings we will explore exercises both in movement and in speech that tune the body and voice to share the most intimate of an author’s inner experiences and feelings in words, giving them life in space; in the afternoons we will immerse ourselves in examples of lyrical poetry, giving ourselves the chance to sense their light and dark, their colours, their individual living qualities. 
The workshop starts at 09.30 am on Monday 21 October, and ends on Friday 25 October at 5.30 pm. Sessions run from 09.30 – 12.30 & 14.30 – 17.30. 
This workshop takes place at The Peredur Centre in East Grinstead Please visit the FAQ for more details about accommodation. 
£465 (concessions / bursaries are available), accommodation payable separately 
How to apply:  
Thank you for your interest in our programmes. To apply please click the link and follow the instructions to complete and submit the form. 
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