In August Sarah managed to do something she had spent her whole life wanting to do: see a performance at Epidauros, the ancient Greek theatre believed to be the first public one that ever existed, or at least almost the first public one. 
TIt was only possible to do this because Sarah was running a Michael Chekhov workshop on behalf of the Michael Chekhov Studio Paris and Anastase Rouille on a Greek island - not quite but almost! - Michael Chekhov On the Beach. The participants and she took a one-hour boat trip to see Prometheus Bound by Aeschylos, with the British, Greek-speaking actor Kathryn Hunter as Prometheus. 
It was a well-crafted, well-acted production, characterised by its simplicity and attention to detail, and the actors' living relationship to the richness and beauty of Aeschylos' words. And you could, literally, hear every word, as is promised, though we were a long way back in the vast auditorium, and the actors looked minute! It was a truly impressive experience. 
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