About Gregers Brinch 
Gregers Brinch has a rich background in music as a composer, performer, teacher and workshop leader. Originally from Denmark, Gregers studied composition and piano in Hamburg, Germany. He has composed prolifically for several decades and performed extensively as a pianist, singer and at times actor. Leading groups and individuals through the creative processes that music gives rise to. His emphasis is always the individual relationship between the person and the instruments and music as such. Here, mysteries, wonders and moments of great joy are to be discovered. The exploration of the 'basic elements' of music is a wellspring of inspiration both for his working with groups and for himself as a composer and performer. 
Gregers has worked with people of all ages and abilities in the UK, notably Emerson College, in Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan and inspired by Spiritual Science in his research on the relationship between 'Music and the Human Being'. He is also currently the Artistic Director of International Concert series  
For more information visit: www.gbrinch.com 
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