Michael Chekhov 
Michael Chekhov
Michael Chekhov is a Russian-American actor, director, author, and theatre practitioner. He developed an acting technique, a ‘psycho-physical approach’, central to which are transformation, working with impulse, imagination and inner and outer gesture. This approach offers clear and practical tools in working with the artist within each individual.  
Michael Chekhov age 9 in 1900
Michael Chekhov age 9 in 1900 
Kobe in the Reck of "The Hope"
Malvolio in Twelfth Night 1920
Ablyukhov in St. Petersburg 1925
Michael Chekhov students at Dartington Hall UK 1937
Ivan in The Death Ivan the Terrible Rega 1932
Michael Chekhov 1928
Michael Chekhov & Yevgeny Vakhtang 1918ov
Epikhodov, The Cherry Orchard 1914
Khleftakov in The Inspector General 1921
Michael Chekhov sketch for Ablyuhov
The Castle Awakens, Paris 1929
Skid in Broadway, Vienna 1928
Myzik in Myzik, Berlin 1929
Michael & Xenia Chekhov, Los Angeles 1950
Michael Chekhov 1910
Frazier in The Deluge 1915
Eric XIV in Eric XIV 1921
Muromsky in The Case 1927
Foma in The Village, Spepanchikovo, Rega 1932
Michael Chekhov
Michael Chekhov and students, The Chekhov Theatre School
Michael Chekhov Fuvorin Theatre St. Petersburg 1910
Caleb in The Cricket on the hearth
Hamlet in Hamlet 1924
Michael Chekhov sketch for Muromski 1927
Pashka in Troika, 1930
Waiter in The Man from the Restaurant 1927
Michael Chekhov Drawing for Feste, Twelfth Night, 1941
Twelfth Night, Bridgefield, 1941
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