Performing Arts International offers classes, workshops, intensive courses, trainings and performances working with body, soul and spirit, inspired by the work developed by Michael Chekhov and Rudolf Steiner. 

Initiated by Sarah Kane, actor, creative speech artist, director and teacher of acting and creative speech, Performing Arts International is an arts organisation which aims to create a living and enlivening environment that both supports and challenges participants, helping them to uncover and explore their own creative resources. 
The work conducted by PAI is experiential first and foremost; it is a place where participants can develop both their creative independence and strengthen their artistic skills and human resilience. 


Coming soon; our brand-new part-time Foundations. The modules will be held in person and online.  
Foundations is a one-year intensive course in the performing arts, focussing on the arts of acting and speech. 
The programme is ideal for anyone already working within the performing arts as well as those with a professional interest in creativity and communication including writers, dancers, singers, clowns, musicians, narrators, drama teachers, etc. 
Due to Covid-19 the modules will be held both in person and online. Please contact us for further information.  


A six-day practical workshop where we will be exploring in practice both the foundations of the approach which tune all aspects of the actor’s instrument and the principles on which these are founded. We will also get to know aspects of the technique when applied to a play and scenes, taking first steps in how the technique works for character and text. 
The in-person workshop has been created for anyone new to the technique and looking for a practical introduction; experience of acting or performance is recommended. 

Learning opportunities in the UK include: 

A part-time modular course leading to recognised qualifications from both the Goetheanum in Switzerland and Trinity Guildhall in the UK. 
One-to-one coaching and drop-in classes, with Sarah Kane. 
Specific workshops on such subjects as Creative Speech or Michael Chekhov’s Psychological Gesture, with Sarah Kane and other PAI contributors. 
Individual workshops and classes on bespoke themes, with Sarah Kane and other PAI contributors. 
Contributions to workshops created by other artistic and theatre organisations such as the Demidov Studio London, The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.  

In Europe and the USA: 

Sarah Kane and PAI contributors also regularly teach on workshops run by other organisations elsewhere, such as the Michael Chekhov International Academy, Berlin; Michael Chekhov Studio, Berlin; Michael Chekhov Studio, Paris; Demidov Studio, London; Fuentes de la Voz, Madrid; Vertico, Madrid. 
Due to Covid-19, for further infomation of courses in Europe & USA please contact Sarah Kane at 

Michael Chekhov Talk Voice with Lisa Dalton & Sarah Kane 

Sarah shares insights in Steiner Speech and Eurythmy including the seven basic speech gestures, their relationship to Archetypal gesture of Michael Chekhov and a taste of Eurythmy. A lively and practical discussion. 
For actors and performers who are interested to learn about Michael Chekhov's approach to acting and theatre Sarah will be running workshops in London. You can find out more by clicking the button below.  

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"First of all, may I heartily thank you for the most enjoyable fortnight in Moscow and your introduction (for me at least) of the Creative Speech about which I knew nothing. Michael Chekhov work was on my list of things to explore and so when I saw that you would be working in conjunction with Andrei at the Demidov Summer School I signed up immediately. What a double bonus. I feel so inspired by the work and am still riding the high of it all following my return. I take away from your sessions so many ideas not only for my own work as an actor, but to help the youngsters I teach to find another way into their speech and drama. As an over-thinker, it was just what I needed to help me get out of my own way and find the impetus physically and you have set me off on the path hungry for more. Much resonated with attempts I've made to broaden the more traditional approach I've followed in voice, so it was particularly enlightening to find that there are more effective ways to integrate it with the experience I have gained over the years. You pitched it perfectly and I was as fascinated by your process of teaching as I was by the new material - there was sufficient repetition to begin to embed some of the patterns to engage with the body and voice and yet we came away with a veritable toolkit of extended work to take into our own practice. I will be going through my notebook again soon and refining my scribbles. I remain very interested in seeing how this overlaps with Demidov - it clearly does because both derive from internal impulses that appear first in the body, but quite how and why I'm keen to explore further. It also provided such a helpful balance as the Demidov work is very sedentary and it was good to move. So my very grateful thanks for your skill and encouragement and here's to more in London with Andrei (both of them perhaps)." 
“De très haut niveau ! Sarah Kane est une pédagogue formidable ! Pour avoir suivi 1 an de formation à la parole, je recommande pour toute personne qui souhaite développer son expression !!.” 
Pierre-Michaël Thoreau, Comédien Ténor 
“Un grand merci à Sarah Kane , effectivement.” 
Anastase Philippe Rouillé 
“I discovered that we must move, for inspiration to come in – not to think, but rather, to train one’s body to think, and respond.” 
“Sarah brings such incredible depth, skill and understanding to the work. It is an absolute pleasure to be guided by her.” 
“The workshop was so illuminating and inspiring, and I’m definitely going explore this work more." 
“Sarah is a delight to study with, she has enabled me to bring a real sense of purpose to my performance.” 
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