Actress and director Sarah Kane, founder of Performing Arts International, is always in great demand to deliver workshops and this year has been no exception; her feet have barely touched the ground! 
In October Sarah delivered the final workshop in a series of three all-day events on applying Michael Chekhov's technique to working with a specific text. Through all three participants have been exploring and experimenting with a crucial, many-layered scene between Claudio and Isabella in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. On this last day, after exploring atmosphere and individual qualities in the first, and then archetypal gestures for words, phrases, lines, paragraphs, etc, in the second, they looked at the psychological gesture for one of the two characters, and applied it to the text. 
It was really rewarding to play with different qualities for the gesture: simply changing the tempo made a huge difference and gave lots of food for further thought and further exploration. A day such as this was can only sow seeds, and we sincerely hope that participants take up further exploration when given the opportunity to play a character. If you took part do get in touch to let us know if you uncovered anything as a result of your participation. 
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